In one of the offices of the Dnieper lives a squirrel named “the Boss”

В одном из офисов Днепра живет белка по имени «Босс»

Office protein. Unusual pet brought in one of the companies in the centre of the Dnieper. Called The Boss.

Life is like an animal in a managerial position? Saw the correspondent of the channel 34.

In this office developing software and “smart” appliances for the home. However, the “boss” employees call not the head of the company. A 7-month-old squirrel.

“My wife saw the news that the guys from Kiev have protein. She offered to drop it off at our office. I casually said to the boss. And he agreed,” — says the employee of the Internet service provider Maxim Moore.

Squirrel found only on the entire area of the breeder. For three months the Boss has been a full member of the team.

“This is such an interesting animal, he never is never dull. You can escape, talk to him, to pay attention to it, and then again turns to the work”, — says Alexander Small, sotrudnik the company’s Internet service provider.

Most Boss loves nuts and apples. And more — to drive along the balcony and down.

To release the squirrel will not. Say: the animal was born in a closed environment and in the wild will not survive.

“I think, after all, to gradually expand his space, will make a large cage, part of the office he will give for inexpensive”, — says the owner of the company ISP Constantine Favorite.

Meanwhile, the Boss is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet. Has its own instagram account and dozens of likes.