In one of the States, the U.S. found a squirrel infected with the bubonic plague

11 Jul squirrel tested positive for bubonic plague in the town of Morrison in Colorado, said representatives of the Department of health Jefferson County. The statement said that this is the first case of plague in the County, writes CBS News.

В одном из штатов США обнаружили белку, зараженную бубонной чумой

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Tuesday, July 14, the representative of the County public health Jefferson said Morrison, local residents saw at least 15 dead squirrels all over town. Officials conducted a test of the bubonic plague one of the animals, was found on Saturday, July 11, the result was positive, so it is expected that others also infected.

In a statement, officials warn that the plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis can infect humans and Pets. According to them, people can become infected from flea bites, cough of an infected animal or from direct contact with the blood or tissue of an infected animal.

Cats are very susceptible to the plague and catch it from flea bites, scratches or bites of rodents, and as a result of eating rodents. According to officials, cats can die if not treated properly chosen antibiotics.

Dogs are not as susceptible to the plague, said in a statement. However, dogs can carry by fleas infected with the plague.

Officials suggest pet owners who live near wildlife populations, or suspect that their Pets are sick, consult a veterinarian.

Local residents are encouraged to take a number of precautions to protect against the plague, including the elimination of food sources and shelter for wildlife, avoidance of sick or dead wild animals and rodents and consultation with the veterinarian about dealing with fleas and ticks.

“The risk of Contracting plague is extremely low, if you take precautions,” — said in a statement.

The statement said that the symptoms of plague include sudden fever, chills, headache, nausea and severe pain and swelling of the lymph nodes that may occur within 2-7 days after exposure to bacteria.

A message from Colorado is published about a week after officials in China announced the suspected bubonic plague in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. Earlier, the Associated Press reported that authorities in the area Bannor raised a warning about the plague in the beginning of this month. Residents are not encouraged to hunt wild animals such as marmots, as well as the warning informs you that it is necessary to guide the treatment of people with fever or other possible signs of infection.

The plague killed millions of people around the world in the middle ages, and since then, there has been sporadic outbreaks, including the Great plague in London in 1600-ies.

Today, plague can be fatal to 90% of those infected if left untreated. The CDC said that modern antibiotics are effective in treatment.

“Currently, outbreaks of human plague continue to occur in rural areas in the Western United States, but significantly more cases occur in parts of Africa and Asia,” said the CDC.