In Ontario started relief service for persons caring for family members (PHOTOS)

В Онтарио начала работу служба помощи для лиц, ухаживающих за членами семьи  (ФОТО)

In individuals engaged in caring for family members, now in Ontario relief service, if they need a respite, a support group or information on issues including tax incentives.

The Director-General of the Organization of care in Ontario Amy Bathed told that the caregiver experience feelings of hopelessness and even depression as a result of execution of their duties, and, during the interview, they said that it is difficult to find support.

She reported that one-third of care can sometimes be an emotional breakdown, and this number exceeds 50% when it comes to people caring for patients with problems of mental nature.

The service allows the individuals engaged in caring for the sick, to communicate with one of the representatives of the online community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and on weekdays from 7:00 to 21:00, the site works with online consultation.

An online survey of the Foundation The Change Foundation and the organization for the care of the sick, which was attended by 800 of caring was held in the spring throughout the province, and showed that 56% of respondents find the process difficult, compared with 39% last year, and many more are now experiencing financial difficulties.

The group said that emotional support for both patients and carers is one area where more effort is needed, and the first annual survey in 2018, the situation has not changed.

CEO the Change Foundation Cathy Fuchs reported that this year the survey contains important information about the impact of caring on people carrying it.

“The more we have the facts relative to the procedures associated with the implementation of care, the more chance we have to make to make this process better because it is clear that without the tireless efforts of such specialists, our healthcare system will collapse,” she says in a press release.

These two groups claim that almost a third of the canadian population provides care for a family member, and just over half of them care for an aging parent, mainly providing emotional support and transportation services, as well as doing the housework and scheduling appointments.

“The survey shows that these individuals provide from 11 to 30 hours of care per week, some this figure is incalculable, as they are busy almost around the clock”.

The report States that the majority is necessary to carry out the nursing process, doing in parallel the education of their children.