In order to accelerate the process: the United States will simplify the submission of documents for Real ID

Federal officials will allow applicants for Real ID to file the necessary documents in electronic form. This is done in order to help States to meet the deadline for Real ID will be mandatory until 1 October 2020. About it writes USA Today.

Ради ускорения процесса: США упростят подачу документов на Real ID

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Anyone planning from 1 October to fly inside the country, must have ID corresponding to the law the Real ID Act, aimed at enhancing the safety of air transportation.

According to the Department of homeland security (DHS), almost 100 million Americans have the Real ID corresponding to the new standards. However, Chad Wolfe, acting head of the DHS, said that two-thirds of Americans still do not have the relevant documents.

“The compliance of each state with the requirements of Real ID by October is one of the main priorities of the Department, the statement says Wolfe. — Despite progress, we still have a lot of work.”

The Association travels the USA in October has confirmed the Senate Subcommittee that 78 500 passengers can be denied boarding on the plane at checkpoints in airports, when the requirement that Real ID will take effect. It may cost the U.S. economy more than $40 million.

Tori Barnes, Executive Vice-President of group public Affairs and policy, has described the actions of the DHS step forward. However, she said that the Department still needs to make “significant policy changes”.

“The problem is that tens of millions of Americans still do not have the ID corresponding to the Real ID Act, we do not solve this problem,” the statement said Barnes.

The Department requested ideas from the public on how to speed up the process. In the end, DHS took the idea of electronic filing of documents.

“Rest assured, the Department will continue to explore other viable options to improve this process and make every effort to inform Americans about the requirement to obtain a Real ID until October,” said Wolfe.

Previously willing to get Real ID was supposed to collect all the documents and personally apply them in the offices of the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) in their state. Each state now has the right to allow electronic filing of documents. If this decision is made, it will save time for the applicants. It is worth to note that applicants still have to bring all required documents to a DMV office before receiving a Real ID — specialist will verify their compliance with what was submitted in the electronic application.

What documents you need to submit to obtain Real ID:

ID with date of birth and full name. Acceptable documents include:

  • Valid, not expired U.S. passport or passport card;
  • Original or certified birth certificate in the United States;
  • Valid, not expired permanent resident card (green card);
  • Social security card, form W-2 or receipt of payment that specifies the social security number.

The proof of residence. Acceptable documents include:

  • A utility bill;
  • Mortgage account;
  • The act or right of ownership of residential property;
  • Insurance documents;
  • The lease.

Individual States may have additional requirements, so it is better to specify a list of documents in your DMV.

Are there alternative options for travelers, in addition to Real ID

A passport or passport card also meets the requirement of the Real ID Act for travel. You can also use the Global Entry card (for travelers from the United States, returning from abroad).

The corresponding Real ID Act driver’s license usually has a star at the top. The States of Michigan, new York, Vermont, Minnesota and Washington issue enhanced driver’s licence marked with the flag which meet the requirements of Real ID.

Enrollment in the PreCheck from the transportation security Administration US (TSA) does not meet the requirements of the Real ID Act.



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