In Pakistan, three Russians, priverzhenka IG* already in prison, and now faces the death penalty, they killed the overseer (PHOTOS)

Pakistani authorities have opened a criminal case on charges of premeditated murder against the three Russian women Islamists, killed a Warder at the Central prison “Gaddani” in Balochistan province in Pakistan.

The incident occurred on October 8, reported on the website of Ministry of foreign Affairs.

“Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Karachi clarifies the circumstances of the incident. Mentioned Russian citizen was detained by Pakistani authorities in October 2018 in the city of Quetta (the administrative centre of Balochistan) for illegally crossing the Iranian-Pakistani border and along with in their eight minor children were awaiting deportation to Russia”, – said on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“According to reports, they are fanatical adherents of the ideology are prohibited in our country of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”* (IG*) and tried to infiltrate from Pakistan into Afghanistan with the goal of joining the so-called office of the IG of “Khorasan province”*.

The newspaper Arab News said the names of the killers: hadia Bint-e-Abdullah, Zainab and Ayesha Bint-e-Musa.

As stated by one of the prison guards, the Russians dealt with the overseer Zoe Bint-e-Yahya he links on the basis of religious differences, considering it “wrong”.

According to investigators, he links was strangled in the night, while sleeping in his bed in the same prison barracks, which housed Russian prisoners. All there were 11 women in prison: six from Russia (one of them from Chechnya), the rest – the citizens of Pakistan.

Recently, three women who killed a Warder, was transferred to the “Gaddani” from the city of Quetta, to facilitate the access to Russian consular officials to the detainees.

The victim was the only breadwinner in the family. In her care were two young brother and sick father.

Now three Russians face the death penalty.

*”Islamic state” (IG) and “Khorasan province”* – banned terrorist organizations