In Paris, sentenced to 9 years, the Islamists were planning an attack on tourists from the United States and Russia, as well as Jews (PHOTO)

В Париже осужден на 9 лет исламист, планировавший нападение на туристов из США и РФ, а также евреев (ФОТО)

The court of appeal of Paris revised on Monday a lower court decision against 25-year-old radical Islamist of Goswami of Planes, considering it necessary to increase his sentence from 7 to 9 years in prison.

Planel, as he himself admitted, was intended in 2016 to carry out terrorist attacks on “American and Russian tourists as well as tourists-Jews” in the historical fortress of Carcassonne (the Department of Aude, the South of the country). The appeal against the previous decision of the court in September 2018, was filed by the French Prosecutor’s office, considered the appointed time is insufficient. Now, also on her initiative, the court felt it necessary to at the end of Planel for 5 years under legal control, writes Franceinfo.

The young man was detained on 13 June 2016 from the train station of Carcassonne. When it was found a knife and a heavy hammer. According to investigators, the attack was planned after Planel convinced that it is not possible to move from France to Syria and join there to radical Islamist militant groups. Intelligence agencies ten days before the arrest was the intercepted message in the messenger Telegram sent to the accomplice in Syria – they are exactly the goals mentioned tourists from Russia and the United States.

Planel originates from the southern Herault Department of the small town of Lunel, infamous in France because of a war in Syria has left at least two dozen people. The man embraced Islam in 2014, under the influence of one of his childhood friends. The security services drew attention to Planes, when I noticed that he often visits websites of jihadist propaganda. When in November 2015 in Paris radical Islamists had committed major terrorist attacks, the French legal authorities forbade him to leave the city of Sochi, reports TASS.