In Pennsylvania 3-year-old boy fired a gun in the sleeping father

In Pennsylvania 3-year-old boy shot sleeping father in the buttocks with a handgun that he found in their house. This writes ABC News.

В Пенсильвании 3-летний мальчик выстрелил из пистолета в спящего отца

Photo: Depositphotos

The incident occurred around 18:30 on Thursday, December 19, in Erie, when a child found a loaded small-caliber pistol and shot him in his 26-year-old father. The man went to the hospital, the wound is not considered life-threatening. The names of the participants of the incident were not disclosed.

According to police, it is unknown how the child found the gun. The other two children who at the time were in the house, was not injured.

The case is under investigation.