In Peterborough, there were graffiti against Trudeau (PHOTO)

В Питерборо появилось граффити в отношении Трюдо  (ФОТО)

Today in the sports-concert complex, Peterborough (Peterborough arena) was discovered graffiti, which was the target of Justin Trudeau.

It happened just hours before the liberal leader was to arrive in the city within the framework of the election campaign.

At the information Desk and the wall to the garbage site near the Evinrude Centre on Monaghan road, was found an inscription “to Hang Trudeau” caused by spray paint.

The staff of the arena clean off all the graffiti this morning.

Trudeau plans to hold an election rally with the liberal candidate Mariam Moncef at the Evinrude Centre at 18:30.

Police service Peterborough told reporters that they are investigating the incident.

Trudeau – the first Federal party leader to have visited the city since the beginning of the campaign on 11 September.