In Poland announced the arrest of a Russian spy (PHOTOS)

В Польше объявили о задержании российского шпиона (ФОТО)

The internal security Agency of Poland has detained suspected of espionage in favor of Russia. According to Radio Poland with reference to the press Secretary of the Minister-coordinator of special services Stanislaus Garini, in the course of work of the internal security Agency had detained a man who was charged with espionage. After that have passed searches in which course the places of residence and work of a man was found “illegal disposable weapons” and ammunition as well as electronic media and documents.

The results of the searches formed the basis for two additional counts of illegal possession of weapons and munitions and using false documents. It is clarified that the suspect is a Polish citizen, a certain Peter, who collaborated with Russian intelligence. He was arrested for three months: it is reported that the suspect “is not and was not an employee of the internal security Agency”.

Journalist Peter Wojciechowski suggested that the search for firearms and ammunition during the searches can be associated with the “attempt to create paramilitary organizations.” It is not excluded that in the near future one of the Russian diplomats will be expelled from Poland and was declared persona non grata.

For the last time it was reported about detention of suspects of espionage in favor of Russia. In March this year the member of the Russian delegation accompanying the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov at the Prague meeting of the cooperation Committee, was denied entry to the Czech Republic “security reasons”. February 26 during the meeting in Stockholm have detained a man who worked in the field of high-tech industry of Sweden. It was suspected that he was recruited by a Russian intelligence agent working under diplomatic cover in Sweden.

In February 2019 the court in Estonia sentenced the major of Armed forces of Estonia Denis Matsevas to 15 years in prison, his father Peter Wolin received six years imprisonment. They were detained in September 2018 on suspicion of espionage in favor of the Main intelligence Directorate of Russia (GRU, now the Main administration of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation).

According to investigators, 38-year-old Metsavan and 65-year-old Wolin worked for the GRU, collecting and passing on state secrets of Estonia, secret service and internal information. The major was engaged in espionage for more than ten years, during which time he received a reward in the amount of 20 thousand euros. His father used to do illegal activities for about five years, and its role in anti-state crimes were much less.

In Lithuania in late December, said the disclosure of the spy network and the suppression of the activities of a group of persons, which collected information on the instructions of Russian intelligence.

In Austria in November 2018, revealed the agent of an officer of the army, 30 years working for Russian intelligence. Since 1990-ies he received for his work remuneration for a total amount of 300 thousand euros.70-year-old Colonel passed on information about the Austrian air force, artillery systems, gave detailed characteristics of many high-ranking officers of the army, and sent information on the situation of migrants.

In March 2018, a spy working for Russia, was detained in Poland. The detainee reportedly was an officer of one of departments dealing with economic issues, and was transferred to the staff of the Russian intelligence information regarding the planned actions of the Polish government in connection with the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”.

Then the media claimed that the expulsion of Russian diplomats allegedly linked with the spy network of the Kremlin, preparing France, Germany, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark and several other countries.