In Poland the official results of the elections to the Sejm: party of the Kaczynski got 235 seats out of 460 (PHOTO)

В Польше обнародованы официальные итоги выборов в Сейм:  партия Качиньского получила 235 мест из 460 (ФОТО)

The party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s “Law and justice” (ZIS), in power in Poland in 2015, will be held on 13 October of the next parliamentary elections gained a majority in the Sejm (lower house of Parliament), gives TASS with reference to the official results of the vote count, presented on Monday at a press conference the national electoral Commission (GIK).

The Chairman of GIK Wieslaw Kotelevich announced that representatives of the ZIS will take 235 seats in the 460-seat Sejm, having the opportunity to continue to make their own decisions without the necessity of joining in the coalition. ZiS received the 43,59% of the vote. For the team Kaczynski voted 8,051 million people.

In addition to the VMS in the Polish Sejm of the new convocation passed four political parties: the largest opposition force, “the Civic coalition” (27,40% and 134 seats), which included the party “Civic platform”, “Green”, “Nowoczesna” and “Initiative Polska”, “Left” (12,56% and 49 seats), the “Polish coalition” consisting of the Polish peasant party and the party “Cookies-15” (of 8.55% and 30 seats) and the Union of right-wing forces under the name “Confederation” (of 6.81% and 11 seats).

One is reserved by law, the mandate of the Polish Sejm received the German national minority.