In Prague during a search of the suspect ran away, locking the police in the apartment

В Праге во время обыска подозреваемый сбежал, заперев полицейских в квартире

Czech police have experienced a real fiasco. During a search in apartment of the suspect, he managed to run away and lock law enforcement into a dwelling. Curious case reported by portal iDNES.

The search took place in one of the apartment buildings in the Prague district of Hlubocepy. At some point, the attacker escaped from the hands of the police, locked the door and ran away. At the moment he is in the Republican wanted list.

According to the newspaper, the place came the doctors. They have supported two investigators: one had a hand injury, another head. How injured law enforcement officers is unknown.

The General Inspectorate of the security forces of the Czech Republic began an internal investigation. The experts must examine all the circumstances of the incident and decide whether there are grounds for a criminal case under article “negligence”.

What exactly male suspect escaped the police refused to specify.