In PrivatBank, there are certain restrictions

In “PrivatBank” answered the customer complaint about the impossibility and refusal of the receipt of funds from the card account during the period of quarantine. In the state Bank told about the reason for the cancellation of the operation

В ПриватБанке появились определенные ограничения для клиентов

This writes the “Business-Media” with a link to the website of the Ministry of Finance.

Refer the client to the Bank was because the Bank account was blocked currency funds and it was impossible to apply for the issuance of dollars from the account customer of the Bank took these actions as a violation of his rights, and appealed to the employees of the Bank and on the testimonials page: “the Bank has blocked the access to money and does not give a dollar with the card! The Bank refuses to make application for an order currency from my card account in dollars! The violation of my rights! I am preparing a complaint to the NBU and a Lawsuit for violation of my rights officials PrivatBank. Close you have all the cards, salary project and account legal.face crooks!”

On the statement the Bank staff reacted immediately, saying that “PrivatBank” at the moment in connection with quarantine in Ukraine and preostanovlena flights in Ukraine, therefore in Ukraine there is no supply of currency from abroad the Bank transferred all foreign exchange transactions online.This system has been operational since March 18 and will last until the time of restore international air links and stopping quarantine. Foreign exchange transactions in the governmental Bank “PrivatBank” is available for customers of physical persons in the cashless form through mobile banking Privat24 web version of Privat24 and a network of self-service terminals.

In the service of the Bank noted the fact that the operations are introduced for the safety of customers.

To obtain currency via the cash offices can only those customers, who are the owners of foreign currency deposits, term deposits are coming to an end. You can get the money will be on pre-order foreign currency.

Operations in national currency are at the moment unchanged.