In Quebec, we have much to be proud of

In Quebec, we have something to be proud of


It is well seen, in some circles, to make fun of Quebec pride. 

The diverse left explains to us that this pride does not hide an ugly ethnocentrism. 

These socialites educated in self-contempt are ready to admire all the traditions associated with “minorities”, but never those of French-speaking Quebecers. 

As for the anti-nationalist right, which cultivates the same self-contempt, but in another language, it will explain to us that a society with as many dysfunctions as ours does not deserve to be proud of itself. < /p>


She adds: when the health system is better, when the education system is fixed, we will be proud. Until then, let us be proud without us. 

These two tendencies are mistaken and forget the essential. 

The reference to pride, in Quebec, does not mean that we take ourselves for the best society in the world. We know very well that we are not perfect. 

Quebec pride refers to the fact that more than four centuries after our arrival in America, we are still here, when history should have condemned us. to disappearance.

We should have disappeared: the British Empire did everything for that, the Canadian federation too. For a long time, they wanted to drown us demographically – this is still the case today, as we see with Ottawa's insane project to make a Canada of 100 million inhabitants.

Or so, we do everything to deprive the only state controlled by a majority of French speakers of the means to defend its identity.

However, we resisted, despite an often cowardly and even treacherous elite. 

I think from time to time of the federalist leaders who go, as part of their duties, to the independence day of the various countries that make up the map of the world. 

They go to the Morocco's independence day, Greece's independence day, and so many countries' independence day. 

Does it ever occur to them that if independence is good for others, it should be good for us too? 

What would the Moroccans, the Greeks, or the Italians or the Irish say, if they were a minority in a country where they only controlled part of their powers?

For more than 400 years, we care. 


We have consolidated our existence in the St. Lawrence Valley, in this territory called Quebec, which is the only one where we really are at home. And that alone should be enough for the rest of us to be proud of.

On June 24 each year, we remember this, celebrating the courage of our ancestors, peering into the distance for our future, reminding us that it would be good if our people were fully masters in their own house. 

I will celebrate tomorrow our stubbornness in existence, our language, our culture, our songs, our resistance, and the promise, one day to come, I am sure, of our independence. 

Vive le Québec.


In Quebec, we have something to be proud of