In RUSADA has responded to the situation with the recognition of Farah doping

В РУСАДА отреагировали на ситуацию с признанием Фараха в употреблении допинга

Margarita Pagnocca

Deputy General Director of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Margarita Pagnocca commented that 4-time Olympic champion, 6-time world champion British athlete Mo Farah for a long time concealed from anti-doping organizations the use of the substance L-carnitine.

London marathon 2014 L-carnitine was introduced into the body of Farah, but it was not reflected in the form for doping control. First sir Mo denied it, but later said he simply forgot about the injections and didn’t remember the name of the substance.

“I can’t understand why the British anti-doping Agency (about ukad ukad – approx. still cannot give proper, clear explanation on all questions related to the Farah. After all the scandal around him lasted for more than one year. And why not about ukad ukad declares its intent to conduct its own investigation, like the one that leads USADA? I know that a few years ago, the Americans sent a request to the British colleagues Salazar (coach Farah – approx. and Farah, and received a refusal. Published at the beginning of this week’s readings Farah, when he initially denied the absence of injection, and then I remembered what I was doing, also look strange,” – quoted Ponikau

“I wonder which pool the doping test Farah is now, but last year he was listed in the international, but the site about ukad ukad I can’t find pools of their testing. This point also adds to the transparency of the entire story. All agencies should adhere to the international standard and the world anti-doping code. If during the investigation of a violation by coach there is a need for information about an athlete of another country, an Agency must provide to the other all available materials”, – concluded the Deputy Director General of RUSADA.