In Russia bull Terrier attacked little children: the network got a terrible video

В России бультерьер напал на маленьких детей: в сеть попало жуткое видео

In Nizhnevartovsk the Russian bull Terrier attacked children, which the teacher brought to the stadium.
There has led to walk an aggressive dog without a muzzle. His owner to handle the animal could not, and the dog attacked children. We will remind, in Mariupol fighting dog seriously injured a member of ATO.

As a result, two girls were bitten while their classmate’s face, trying to get away from the Terrier.

The class teacher tried to drive away the dog, but she was hurt.

In a network there was video of the incident hard.

Recall the “FACTS” he wrote about a wild case in the suburbs, where a naked man and his companion in lingerie attacked a local resident who was walking her dog, and …bit him.

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