In Russia created a system of signals, which will help to avoid crashes


Russian concern Radioelectronic technologies (KRET) has created a new system of air signals with a laser speed meter and altitude (SAF-L), which will help to reduce the risk of crashes. It is reported on Tuesday, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Director General of the concern Nikolay Kolesov. ,

Kolesov said that the system will allow, in particular, to prevent malfunction of the instrument due to icing devices at high altitude. For this reason it is often incorrectly measured air speed. In addition, SAF-L almost completely eliminates the possibility of erroneous readings in the cockpit, and abnormal operation of systems of automatic flight control.

CEO of KRET added that used in the development of laser meter consumes less energy for heating compared to the total pressure receivers installed on modern aircraft.

SVS-L will be first presented at the International aviation and space salon (MAKS) which will take place from August 27 to September 1 in Zhukovsky.

In June it became known that the Russian Central Institute of aviation motors named after P. I. Baranov successfully tested an aircraft engine of the new generation. The unit was developed using high-tech composite materials and worked steadily for four hours.

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