In Russia, she spent 10 years with a catheter in the nose

В России девушка 10 лет прожила с катетером в носу

Often the irresponsibility of doctors entails a risk to the lives of patients. One of the victims of unscrupulous doctors have become the girl who applied to the hospital with sinusitis. In her nose after the surgery forgot the catheter and she lived with him for many years.

This tells the telegram channel “LIFE SHOT”.

A resident of Ekaterinburg Tatyana Turka in 2009, appealed to the hospital with sinusitis. The doctors pierced my nose and inserted a silicone tube. So the girl not noticing anything passed 10 years and recently went to the dentist.

В России девушка 10 лет прожила с катетером в носу

Tatiana was x-rayed and found that half of the face of the patient affected with pus. Doctors performed surgery on the nose pumped out mucus and withdrew the catheter, which forgotten lore after the operation a decade ago. In addition to the girl completely lost his front row of teeth as they rotted to the roots. The victim spent amount of space for treatment, however, is only the beginning.

The girl is not going to let it go and intends to sue unscrupulous doctors and to pay damages.