In Russia we are looking for a sniper for “the protection of mass events” in the excitement


В России ищут на работу снайпера для "охраны массовых мероприятий": в сети ажиотаж

In Russia on the website of the job search Headhunder a vacancy occurred, “a police officer (sniper) riot police” in the Department of Regardie in Moscow for “the protection of public order, public security when carrying out sports, political, cultural-mass actions.” This is reported by Russian media.

According to the job description, the sniper will run “full day itinerant character.” Offered salary — from 40 to 60 thousand rubles before taxes, possible prize. Experience is not required.

In Regardie ad called “fake”.

“It’s a fake, like many other things that appear in the last days in the Internet. I do not exclude that this provocation”, — said official representative of the Ministry Valery Gribakin.

He added that snipers work during detention of especially dangerous criminals, the elimination of terrorists, “but in any case not for the protection of order during mass events”.

The Headhunter in turn, said that the advertisement was published with the verified account of Regardie created on in 2017.

“The confirmation was done in coordination with the representative of the organization on the telephone (495) 942-94-32. This number belongs to riot police of the Main Department of Regardie in Moscow”, — explained in administration of the service to find work.

Over time, the job “police officer (sniper) riot” on disappeared. In the network actively discussing the occurrence of the vacancy.

“In Headhunter there is a vacancy of a sniper in Resguardo “for the protection of mass events”. The Agency called it a fake and provocation. Confused only that the company account was verified”, — wrote one Twitter user.

“Fascist Putin is looking for the murderer of the Russian people”, — said the second.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, in Moscow from mid-July held a protest for fair and free elections. During the meetings, was detained thousands of people, many suffered serious injuries.

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