In San Francisco declared a state of emergency due to coronavirus

The city of San Francisco declared a state of emergency at the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus after representatives of the US health officials warned that its spread in the United States was inevitable, writes the Independent.

В Сан-Франциско объявили чрезвычайное положение из-за коронавируса

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On Tuesday, February 25, the mayor of San Francisco London breed declared a state of emergency in a statement, which States that “the global picture” around coronavirus from Wuhan “rapidly changing”, and the city government “needs to improve readiness.”

“We see how the virus is spreading to new parts of the world every day — she continued — and we are taking necessary steps to protect the people of San Francisco from danger.”

In San Francisco yet there was not a single case of coronavirus. But around the world, recorded more than 80 200 confirmed cases — most of them in China — and more than 2,700 deaths.

The mayor’s statement was made after officials from the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) suggested that the spread of the virus in the United States was a matter not of “if” but “when”.

Nancy Massone, Director of the National center for immunization and respiratory diseases CDC, said: “as more and more countries are faced with the spread of the virus, successful deterrence on our borders is getting harder and harder”.

She added: “the Question is not whether this will happen, but when it happens and how many people in this country are of serious illness.”

The official also warned that “daily life can be seriously ruined” because coronavirus continues to spread.