In San Francisco have a legal camp for the homeless with places for social distancing

Production stills show the first camp for the homeless in San Francisco with places for 50 tents, between which complied with recommended social distancing distance, writes The Daily Mail.

В Сан-Франциско появился легальный лагерь для бездомных с местами для социального дистанцирования

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In San Francisco, opened the first authorized by the camp, which can accommodate 50 homeless people. It was opened after local residents complained for years in improvised tents, filled the sidewalks of the city. After years of fighting for support of the homeless in San Francisco, the city government has built a camp Safe Sleeping Village in the vacant Parking lot of McDonald’s near city hall.

The pandemic, which brought a large part of the homeless from the shelters, was the cause of the disease, over 76,000 Californians and has killed 3200 people. In the United States, there were more than 1.5 million cases and at least 89 563 deaths.

The mayor of London for the first time brides announced new camps may 6, intending to place one of them near the city hall and, eventually, to go to other affected areas.

Photographs taken from drones, seen at least 5 rows of tents inside the Park, surrounded by a fence of netting. Space for tents is uniformly removed from each other and clearly marked to comply with guidelines for social distancing imposed during a pandemic coronavirus.

“While in normal times I would say that we should focus on trying to bring people to shelters, and not to authorize the tents, we honestly have no other options, — said the mayor of brides on Twitter. — Availability of resources in the neighborhood that serve people better than an unauthorized camp.”

To stay in the camp, homeless residents were registered in the city in turn. These residents are allowed to enter and leave camp at any time. The mayor announced that soon will be created a second section.

В Сан-Франциско появился легальный лагерь для бездомных с местами для социального дистанцирования

Photo: a video frame YouTube/RT

Homelessness remains an ongoing problem in some California cities, but San Francisco has become a hotbed for tent cities and temporary residents. In may in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco the number of tents has increased by 300% during a pandemic coronavirus. The number of tents, like that single person hot tent, and temporary shelters that are installed on the sidewalks, increased by 71%.

About the first “homeless village”, as reported just a few days ago was broken about 90 tents. Residents complained that it made the street “unsanitary, unsafe and often impassable.”

Local residents, businesses, and College of law University of California Hastings filed a lawsuit in San Francisco demanding clean needles and human waste scattered on the streets.

In the Tenderloin is home to more children, older people and vulnerable groups in relation to the total population than in any other area of the city. Residents fear that a number of them raging virus.

But those homeless who are fortunate enough to find a Safe Sleeping place in the Village, grateful.

“We never had places to stay where we could be safe and have their tents,” said a homeless man Roger Boyd.

Although COVID-19 ruined America, Boyd said the pandemic has really helped many of the homeless population of San Francisco.

“This COVID-19 was almost a godsend for many of us. We are constantly losing our stuff. I lose my stuff, at least once a month, I’m talking to socks. It’s good to have something almost stable,” he said.

В Сан-Франциско появился легальный лагерь для бездомных с местами для социального дистанцирования

Photo: a video frame YouTube/RT

Nick, another homeless man, who is in camp, repeated a similar statement.

“For the first time since I became homeless, none of my things were not stolen. There are problems, but in General I think people are trying to help each other so we don’t became ill or died,” said Nick.

Most lawyers would prefer that homeless people lodged in hotel rooms in the background of the coronavirus, but officials see Safe Sleeping Village a temporary alternative.

Jennifer Fri Odenbach, Executive Director of the Coalition on homelessness, said, “We want to see all offered hotel rooms, but since it is progressing very slowly, if the city will continue to make people sleep on the sidewalks, they should at least have basic sanitation and sleep in places where they may be at a distance.”

The city authorities relocated nearly 1,000 homeless people in hotel rooms, and 120 in trailers or vans. Another 165 people were sent to shelters.

В Сан-Франциско появился легальный лагерь для бездомных с местами для социального дистанцирования

Photo: a video frame YouTube/RT

Supervisor Matt Haney of the 6th district, which controls the area of Safe Sleeping Village supports the project but would like to homeless residents were sent to a hotel room.

“I’m not sure that these safe sleeping places — it is easier, not to mention the fact that they are cheaper to install than to move people in a hotel room,’ said heini. — The amount of energy resources that they invest in creating a space for 50 people in tents, is enormous”.

In April, the Board of supervisors of San Francisco adopted a resolution on granting 8250 hotel rooms instead of shelters. 7000 of these rooms used to house the homeless, and total plan cost $ 60 million per month.

Officials emphasize that Safe Sleeping Village is not a permanent solution to the current problems of the city with a homeless population.

“Safe Sleeping Village — this is a temporary approach, and these areas will be returned to its former state after the abolition of quarantine rules. City officials will continue to work on long-term, safe solutions for the homeless”, — said the representative of city Jonathan Streeter.


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