In San Francisco running pig-therapist

В аэропорту Сан-Франциско работает свинья-терапевт

The task of the pigs Leela – to reduce the level of stress to the passengers who are boarding.

According to Tatyana Danilova, mistress of five pigs, Leela is part of the Wag Brigade international airport San Francisco. Animals therapists working in the programme, cheer up passengers before the flight and set them on a peaceful journey.

Tatiana Danilova believes that when meeting with a pig-therapist people feel happy, as it distracts them from the routine and anxiety.

В аэропорту Сан-Франциско работает свинья-терапевт

Maintenance Manager airport guests Jennifer Kazarian says that Leela is the world’s first pig for therapy in the air port. Pigs in the Wag Brigade program involved dogs of different breeds and sizes.

В аэропорту Сан-Франциско работает свинья-терапевт

All therapeutic animals this program receive special training. They must be accommodating character, good manners and radiate friendliness.

A real socialite Lila

A cap pilot, with a bright red nail Polish on the hooves, Lila posing for selfies and entertains departing passengers tune on his toy piano. Glamorous pig even has its own page in Instagram.

Lila lives with his mistress in an apartment in downtown San Francisco. Pig on a diet of organic vegetables and protein granules, sleeping in a comfortable bed and daily walks around the neighborhood.

Leela is willing to communicate with people, but hates it when someone approaches her from behind.