In San Francisco there was an unusual employee with hooves

В аэропорту Сан-Франциско появился необычный работник с копытами

Airport guide San Francisco hired a pig to cheer passengers aeroporos.

The position of cloven-hoofed animals has got the ability to be nice and friendly, inform

Five-year-old pig Lila became a part of the program, in which animals are taken to the airport to cheer others. On each shift, Lila arrives with mistress Tatiana; the pre-dress a pig in shape and color to her hooves.

One of Lila duties — greet passengers, raising one hoof. She also plays on a toy piano and posing for joint photographs.

“People are very happy to be distracted from the travel and routine — no matter whether they are flying on vacation or a business trip,” — says Tatiana.

According to her, Lila makes people smile. Those are next, I look at her and say, “Oh, that’s great!”.

Leela was the first “pig-therapist” in the program where we take only those who has a calm personality, good manners and is friendly.

Previously, all animals undergo special training to avoid accidents.