In Scotland, promised to request a second referendum on independence before the end of the year (PHOTO)

В Шотландии обещали потребовать проведения повторного референдума о независимости до конца года (ФОТО)

The first Minister of Scotland, leader of the Scottish national party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon has promised in the coming weeks to send to London an official request to hold a second referendum on independence for the region. She stated this on Sunday in an interview with broadcasting Corporation BBC, reports TASS.

“Right now, I will make a legislative initiative in the Parliament of Scotland,’ said Sturgeon. After this legislative round will be held, we will make the request in accordance with section 30 of the Scotland Act (adopted in 1998)”. Under this section, the Parliament of the United Kingdom is obliged to grant the region the right to hold a referendum. This requires the consent of the three state institutions: the Scottish Parliament, both lower and upper houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Sturgeon answered the question the presenter of the program, if it will happen this year, and added: “This is likely to happen in a few weeks. It will happen soon.”

The previous referendum on Scottish independence took place in 2014. 55% percent of its members voted for preservation of Union between Edinburgh and London.

However, the SNP used aldabraensis results of the referendum on further EU membership, on which the people of Scotland, unlike the UK as a whole, did not support Brexit. This circumstance gave occasion to promote the idea of a new referendum on independence. Sturgeon hopes to hold a referendum before the end of office current term of the Scottish Parliament in 2021.