In search of treasure: in Kyrgyzstan found ancient coins and mysterious building




Ancient coins and mysterious building discovered in the North of Kyrgyzstan. Excavation work is carried out on the territory of Krasnorechenskoe settlement – one of the largest in the Republic of historical monuments. According to scientists, the medieval village still keeps many mysteries. The work of archaeologists watched the correspondent of “MIR 24” Chinara Sydykova.

Inch by inch, gently and without haste they remove layer by layer. Because at any moment you can discover a new artifact. On the territory of the medieval settlement archaeologists working from China.

“In 2014, we submitted a grant to the UNESCO world heritage site of the silk road, which includes ancient settlements in Kyrgyzstan: the joint stock company-Beshim, and Burana krasnorechenskoe Gorodishche. In 2017, we made the first expedition, after which he signed an agreement with the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan”, – said the archaeologist of the Academy of archaeologists, Shaanxi province, Sang Tien.

In the middle ages there passed the Great silk road. The city prospered. Earlier, the archaeologists found fragments of Buddhist temples, Zoroastrian burial, Christian crucifix, banknotes of different times and peoples.

“Krasnorechenskoe settlement – one of the largest ancient settlements in the Chui valley. Of course, there was found a lot of money and accidentally found coins and excavations. At different depths and of different types. How to say numismatists, on the mound Tucholsky found more coins,” – said the head of the Kyrgyz-Chinese expedition Valery Kolchenko.

Bronze coin with a square hole first, which was prepared on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. One of the most valuable finds Dating from the early eighth century.

“Here are found the first coins, which are made on the rivers. Is here such Turgesh coins. Here the sign of the Turgesh Khaganate. And on the other side of the Sogdian inscription. They are all made by the Chinese model,” said archaeologist and numismatist, candidate of historical Sciences CU Alexander Kamyshev.

The works here are from 1939 of the last century, but still this place holds many mysteries. For example, scientists have yet to figure out what the structure was excavated by Chinese archaeologists. Still not been found and the large hoard of ancient coins, which, according to numismatists, were buried in these places.

Note that krasnorechenskoe Gorodishche nominated by Kyrgyzstan to the world heritage list of UNESCO.

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