In Seattle, demonstrators organized the area without the police: what is going on there

Capitalista “Autonomous zone”, as the demonstrators in Seattle (WA), now called the district where protests. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

В Сиэтле демонстранты организовали зону без полиции: что там происходит

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By order of local authorities, law enforcement officers left the area along with the police station. Now around it are organized a city within a city.

After clashes with protesters police across the district have been recalled. Empty even left the police station. This territory was occupied by the demonstrators have set up tents and blocked the streets around. Since then, the protest in the city is peaceful. The President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter wrote: “the Capture of the streets is unacceptable.” He called the demonstrators terrorists and urged the city government to immediately impose an order to the city.

“City of Seattle Director of the seizure of its cities by anarchists says it’s “Summer of love”. These liberal Democrats don’t know anything. The terrorists are burning and pillaging our town, they think it’s fine, even death. The capture of Seattle must end now,” wrote trump.

However, the demonstrators to vacate the streets are not going. Now they have three basic requirements: reduce funding for police in Seattle, to Fund programs to support healthy and safe communities, and to remove the protesters of all charges.

В Сиэтле демонстранты организовали зону без полиции: что там происходит

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

“I’m here not only for myself but for my future generations and my brother. I don’t want people to ever blackened his name. I don’t want to worry that it might get shot when he goes out with his friends or when out late at night to the store,” shares the experiences of Noel Graham, demonstrando.

“The police are trying to tackle so many things at the same time and react to every little thing. We don’t need police intervention in a situation where there is violence. Officers are not experts on mental health. We believe that what we do here sets an example and become a plan for the rest of the world that people decided whether they want police presence in their communities,” says Tommy Marshall, a musician.

В Сиэтле демонстранты организовали зону без полиции: что там происходит

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

The gubernatorial candidate of the state Republican party, Tim Ayamonte came to talk with the demonstrators and hear their demands. He says, understand the reasons of their indignation, however, is convinced that the police force needed, and the government’s decision to withdraw the security forces from their district was incorrect.

“In my opinion, the police want to protect people, they know that within the community they are in a stronger position to do it. I think people should always remember that law enforcement officers themselves want to stay here, to ease the tension and to monitor safety, but they were ordered to withdraw, and it’s really disturbing,” says Tim Aiman, candidate for Governor of Washington state.

However, residents of the area say they feel very safe. According to them, aggression and violence here called security forces. The protest changed as soon as they left the area. Genc Kuszewski compares the hottest night of protests and the situation now.

В Сиэтле демонстранты организовали зону без полиции: что там происходит

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

“The night exploded thousands of stun grenades were tear gas. Our apartment is on the fifth floor, and the gas drifted through the window, my wife and I are somewhere five minutes coughing from it. But honestly, after the cops left, became much quieter: no stun grenades or tear gas, no riots or looting. If you walk on the wrong side, it looks like a street fair,” says Genc Kuszewski, a resident of the district.

However, the police and the rescue service do not agree, they say crime in this area has not disappeared, however, through the barricades, they may not arrive in time challenges. This also applies to the ambulance. Therefore, it is not clear how long the area will remain without, and law enforcement, will the protesters and police to avoid further escalation.