In Seattle, protesters took over part of the city and the mayor’s office: Trump advised ‘to return to the bunker’

The mayor of Seattle was taken by the demonstrators, who demanded the resignation of the mayor. President trump has expressed outrage, demanding to stop the “disgusting anarchists”, writes “Voice of America”.

В Сиэтле протестующие захватили часть города и мэрию: Трампу посоветовали 'вернуться в бункер'

Seattle, June 2020. Photo: Shutterstock

Previously, they created the “Autonomous zone” stretching for six blocks in memory of George Floyd and filed in court on city police for their aggressive tactics.

About 300 protesters entered the lobby of city hall at about 21:00 on Tuesday, 9 June. They brought placards saying “black Lives matter” and began to call for the resignation of mayor Jenny Durkan, chanting: “Durkan must go!”

The group was chaired by a member of the city Council of Kshama savant, who unlocked the building and held demonstrators inside.

The crowd was inside the building only an hour, and then returned to the newly created shortly before this “Autonomous zone on Capitol hill” – the area around the police station, which was occupied by the demonstrators.

The demonstrators called her a “free zone”, since it was free from the police and cars. There tents were set up for people who wanted to spend the night, writes Fox News.

President Donald trump expressed his outrage in a tweet, saying that Washington and Seattle, where those in power are Democrats, “are ridiculed and not taken seriously, that never happened in our country.”

“Take back your city NOW – continued trump. – If you don’t, I will. This is not a game. These disgusting anarchists must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. ACT FAST!”

В Сиэтле протестующие захватили часть города и мэрию: Трампу посоветовали 'вернуться в бункер'


“Local terrorists seized Seattle, which is run by radical left-wing Democrats, of course. LAW AND ORDER!”, — the President wrote in another tweet.

Margie reiger replied to his own tweet, saying that trump should stay away from the state, and made fun of a typo of the President in the message (trump wrote stoop instead of stop), writes USA Today.

“A person who is completely unable to control, needs to stay out of the Affairs of the state of Washington. Stoop to tweet!”, said Margie reiger.

Durkan also spoke about moving trump 29 may in the bunker of the White house amid protests on Lafayette square.

“Give us all security. Go back to your bunker,” the mayor wrote.

В Сиэтле протестующие захватили часть города и мэрию: Трампу посоветовали 'вернуться в бункер'


After critics called the move trump in the bunker cowardly, the President insisted that he only went there for a quick “check”. But attorney General William Barr later told Fox News that the secret service recommended taking him there because of fears over the escalation of the protests.

On Friday, June 5, Durcan banned the use of tear gas by police, but protesters say that’s not enough in terms of tension and distrust of law enforcement.

In response to the protests in the office Durcan stated that it remains committed to “the actual steps for the protection order.”

“As someone who previously investigated the unconstitutional use of force in the police Department of Seattle, the mayor Durkan believes that the Seattle police Department can lead the nation to further reforms, but he knows that this week has undermined trust at a time when trust is most important”, — stated the mayor.

In Seattle, as in other U.S. cities, daily demonstrations took place after the African American George Floyd was killed by a white policeman from Minneapolis, which is almost 9 minutes was a knee in the neck of Floyd.

On Sunday evening, June 7, at Capitol hill was shot and wounded demonstrators, and in another incident, a man drove his car through a crowd of protesters and opened fire when demonstrators approached the car window, police said.

After nearly two weeks of sparring during which protesters threw glass bottles, stones and other objects at police, and officers used pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the crowd, police took extensive measures to suppress the violence.

Since then, like two nights ago, protesters were dispersed, the district near the city hall of Seattle remained relatively peaceful despite ongoing demonstrations.

Police said it will respond only to emergency calls to 911.

In response to protests against the tactics used by the police in Seattle, crowd-control, Durkan promised a 30-day ban on the use of CS gas, commonly known as tear gas.

Despite the ban, police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators at the weekend, prompting a new wave of outrage from activists and members of the city Council. In response, the Seattle police had removed barricades outside the building of the Eastern section in the area of the Capitol, where protesters and troops of special police faced at night.

Since then, the area not enough police, but the protests continue peacefully.

Diverse neighborhood, popular among young people, has now become known as an Autonomous area of the Capitol where protesters have pitched tents. The Seattle Times described the liberal community that emerged after the police as “a new society protest,” reminiscent of the Occupy movement of 2011.

Trump’s threat to intervene in the suppression of the protests in Seattle follows his previous promise to use Federal forces to quell the unrest in the cities, which, in his opinion, do not cope with this task.

Many objected to the possible application of the Law of the revolt of 1807, which gives the President the right to use the existing U.S. military forces against the civilian population. Among the objections was the head of the Department of defense mark Esper, and his predecessor, retired General James Mattis.



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