In Seoul announced yet another violation of the air border with Russia (PHOTOS)

В Сеуле заявили об очередном нарушении воздушной границы со стороны России (ФОТО)

Russian military aircraft violated South Korea established a zone of identification of air defense (KADIZ). With this statement made by the representative of the chiefs of staff of the Republic of Korea in comments to the Agency Yonhap.

“The plane went into KADIZ this morning without prior warning. The interception was sent to the F-15K, forcing him to change course”, – stated in the message. Other details regarding the incident are not given. In the Russian Embassy in Seoul told TASS that has not yet been received from the South Korean side of the official notification of the incident.

Identification zone air defense of South Korea includes not only the airspace of the country, but some areas related to international airspace. Despite this, South Korean military require advance warning of intention to enter into the identification zone and the purpose of the flight. Usually, if this happens, they raise to intercept the aircraft even in the absence of violations of the airspace of South Korea.

According to the Agency Yonhap, this year a Russian military aircraft intruded into the area of recognition no less than 13 times. On 23 July, the Russian early warning aircraft A-50 has twice violated the territorial airspace of South Korea over the Eastern islets of Dokdo in the East sea, causing the air force fired hundreds of warning shots.

The invasion occurred shortly after two other Russian aircraft and two Chinese military aircraft several times broke through the area of recognition between Dokdo and East island Ullin during an unusual joint air maneuvers between the two countries. In August, two Russian patrol aircraft Tu-142 also violated the zone of recognition over the Eastern sea. The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation regularly emphasize that the ATT aircraft are flying in accordance with all international rules.