In Serbia recorded three cases of West Nile fever (PHOTO)


Three cases of West Nile fever were recorded in Serbia, reports TASS. As reported on Tuesday the national Institute of public health “Dr. Milan Jovanovic Trampoline”, recorded one death.

A victim of the disease was 84-year-old woman who suffered from chronic diseases.

In 2018 in Serbia from West Nile died 29 people. West Nile was first recorded in Serbia in 2012, since then victims of the disease in the country was 61.

In Europe in 2018, it was confirmed more than 900 cases of West Nile fever: 327 – in Italy, 286 – in Serbia, 168 in Greece, 117 – in Romania, 134 – in Hungary. The number of victims has reached 44.

West Nile fever is an acute viral disease which has an incubation period ranging from several days to three weeks. The disease can occur from lesions of the Central nervous system in the form of meningitis or meningoencephalitis, as well as in the form of flu-like with headache, fever and sore throat.

The virus of this fever is distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical regions, but in recent years have increasingly recorded in non-tropical countries. The virus first affected birds, but also humans and many mammals, which become infected after being bitten by mosquito vectors.