In sickness and in health, but not quarantined in the US dramatically increased the number of claims for divorce

American lawyers divorce and divorce attorney practicing in Phoenix area reported an increase in the number of requests from customers who are forced to spend time together with their “halves” because of the quarantine-associated coronavirus pandemic, writes The Sun.

В болезни и здравии, но не на карантине: в США резко выросло количество исков о разводе

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According to experts in family law Manhattan couple who are forced to spend all day cooped up with each other, reach the limit because of conflicts and money problems.

Lawyer divorce William Zabel, founding partner of Schulte Roth & Zabel, explained that divorce is not only people of modest and middle incomes who have lost work or income, but wealthy spouses because coronavirus resulted in a decrease of their own capital due to problems in the economy. In this case, they can get out of a failed marriage is more advantageous for yourself.

Among the clients of Sabela at the time was a radio host Howard stern, golfer Greg Norman and billionaire George Soros.

Zabel said: “last week, we have increased the number of calls from people looking for a divorce lawyer, they became 50% more, and I heard the same thing from my colleagues from other firms.”

“People who enjoyed his busy life, suddenly find themselves together in a time of incredible anxiety, — added the lawyer. — I expect that in the coming months there will be many high-profile cases of divorce”.

According to forecasts, the UK will also increase the number of divorces because of the quarantine. Speaking last week, Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, a leading lawyer, said that the outbreak is “very likely” will lead to the disintegration of a marriage during isolation.

Among her clients there were the Prince of Wales, Madonna, and sir Paul McCartney.

Lady Shackleton told the house of lords: “the Lawyers in divorce cases predict that after a voluntary imprisonment in isolation is very likely to increase in the number of divorces. Usually the peak time occurs at Christmas and during the summer holidays. Just imagine what will happen when the family will be locked together.”

In China, which started the pandemic, now there is a sharp increase in the number of people wishing to divorce: once in the country’s provinces have gradually lifted the quarantine, next, the lawyers do not have time to record the statements on divorce. In isolation it turned out that people are not able to communicate with each other — this leads to the fact that they decide to leave, writes “the”.

Across the country there has been a sharp increase in the number of people wishing to dissolve the marriage. In mid-March, the Daily Mail reported that immediately after the end of the quarantine in the city of Dachau in Sichuan province has filed for divorce 300 pairs.

“Young people spend too much time at home. They are prone to violent quarrels over nothing, and immediately run to a divorce,” explained a new trend of journalists Lou Shijun, an employee of the city Department for the termination of the marriage.

After the lifting of the quarantine on March 1, the influx happened and offices of registration of divorces in XI’an, Shaanxi province – one day the office received, according to the Global Times, from 14 applications, which exceeded the limit set by the local authorities. In Fuzhou, Fujian province, the administration established after the quarantine limit of 10 requests a divorce on the day – where members of the city administration was inundated with applications.

That to place such a restriction was reasonable, said the experienced lawyers of Hunan province in Milo, according to Bloomberg, members of the administration was exhausted, and they didn’t even have time to drink a glass of water. According to the report, which quoted the Agency, the reasons for which couples have filed for divorce, were the most banal.

“Normal life problems led to the escalation of conflicts, and the inability to communicate led to frustration in the marriage and decision to divorce,” the report says.

Indeed, the Agency cited the story of 30-year-old Chinese woman with the surname Wu (full name she refused to name) who spent almost two months in quarantine together with her husband, which didn’t work. She told Bloomberg that a quarrel with her husband erupted constantly: their causes is familiar to anyone who lives in marriage or ever was part of it. The conflicts with her husband, Ms. Wu had for the money, which is too little, the constant sitting at the computer, lack of assistance with the housework, a reluctance to engage with children.

A separate item was the fact that her husband ran games with the kids just at the moment when they had to go to bed.

“Because of him, everything in the house goes wrong, the woman stated. – I can’t stand it anymore. We agreed to divorce, it remains to find the lawyers.”

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese authorities had expected the opposite effect of quarantine was assumed that it would further lead to rise of the level of fertility, which since 1949 has been steadily declining. To this end, the government has already abolished the rule that a Chinese family can only have one child, and has launched a campaign calling on women to marry and give birth.

And in the days of quarantine in some provinces, printed posters, offering to work to a locked home pair brought the second child.

“While you sit at home because of the epidemic, restrictions on a second child shot, so make the second is to help my country”.




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