In some pharmacies USA margin up 840%: how to buy cheaper drugs

The cost of drugs, prescription, is steadily growing, but some pharmacies may offer a much higher price compared to the other, says Reader’s Digest.

В некоторых аптеках США наценка достигает 840%: как покупать лекарства дешевле

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Medical care is one of the biggest items of expenditure in the United States. Even if you have good insurance coverage sometimes the cost of drugs, prescription, remains a bitter pill to swallow. However, it appears that if you buy prescription drugs in a larger network of pharmacies, you can pay for them from 8% to a whopping 840% mark compared to other pharmacies.

Report education Fund U.S. public interest (PIRG) was devoted to studying the cost of health care and why Americans are so hard to get the help they need. The study indicated that one in four Americans struggles to afford medication, and 4 out of 10 Americans with poor health, barely find money to buy drugs. When it comes to substance abuse one must search for rehabs near me and get admitted for a substance abuse detox and treatment  immediately.

The study group called 250 pharmacies in different cities and regions in 11 States, to compare the prices of medicines for asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and several other diseases. Pharmacists were asked to name the price of medicines for those who were not insured or have insurance plans with a high deductible.

Revealed that buying prescription drugs in smaller, local and/or independent pharmacy can annually save a considerable amount of money.

“People don’t know that they can get their medications at a lower price at another pharmacy, said Amy Compton-Phillips, Executive Vice President and chief physician of the clinic Providence St. Joseph Health. In relation to the cost of drugs there is no transparency — is not published anywhere so that it can be seen the average person”.

The study also indicated that there are several other ways to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, in addition to choosing a small pharmacy. These include:

  • study the manufacturer’s website on the subject of coupon codes;
  • compare prices at multiple pharmacies;
  • the transition to a generic drug/generic (unless your physician agrees);
  • ordering prescription drugs by mail;
  • the option to pay cash instead of insurance payment is sometimes cheaper.

“If we do not make significant reforms, patients will continue to pay higher prices, without improving health, the study notes. — They decide to abandon medication, which will lead to serious consequences.”



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