In South Carolina, a tornado swept through the Parking lot of the school, damaging dozens of cars

The high school students in South Carolina were forced to take shelter inside the building when Monday, January 13, tornado swept across the Parking lot, damaging dozens of cars. This writes Fox News.

В Южной Каролине торнадо пронесся по парковке школы, повредив десятки машин

Photo: Depositphotos

According to the National weather service in Wilmington (NC), a tornado went through the Parking lot of a middle school in Loris (South Carolina), at about 12:45.

A tornado appeared after the weekend, when a storm covered the part of the United States and at least 12 people were killed. A tornado developed near the football field of the school, turned the trailer and headed to the Parking lot, where he turned over a few cars.

Video surveillance cameras at the school is visible as the tornado goes up and flips a few cars in the Parking lot. Authorities reported that about 72 cars and a motorhome were severely damaged.

Injuries were reported, but damage was estimated at tens of thousands of dollars.

Leroy James, who owns a towing company and towed several cars from the area that his granddaughter caught by surprise as the tornado warning was received.

“She was scared. She didn’t know what was happening, he said. — They thought that someone shoots or beats out Windows from cars. It was just scary when she called me”.