In South Carolina, hunters shot and killed a man and a child, mistaking them for deer

In the new year, the father of 9-year-old daughter was hunting in South Carolina when the tragedy occurred, writes the People. They were shot by other hunters for deer.

В Южной Каролине охотники застрелили мужчину и ребенка, приняв их за оленей

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30-year-old Kim Drawdy and his 9-year-old daughter Lauren, was hunting in the County of Colleton, South Carolina, for the New year — the last day of hunting season for deer in the state.

According to the Department of natural resources South Carolina, which is currently investigating the incident, the two hunters took deer. Four other hunter used a deer maneuver in which people are approaching the targets to make them move. The father of the girl was shot about 14:30.

В Южной Каролине охотники застрелили мужчину и ребенка, приняв их за оленей

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Brother Kim, benny Drawdy, said that his family is “devastated” by this situation.

“I couldn’t believe it when I first found out. It broke my heart and I couldn’t believe that twin brother is no longer alive,” said benny.

Friend of the family, Shirley Williams, said she was “shocked” when he learned about the tragedy.

“This was never supposed to happen not supposed to happen. As a simple hunting trip can turn into a tragedy, I don’t know. I don’t know how this could happen,” said Williams.

Head of firefighting and rescue service of the Colleton Barry Macray said that the first one who responded was a man who was walking on a dirt road in a wooded area and eventually reached the point of impassable for vehicles. The crew then brought medical equipment to the scene, eventually found the victims about a half mile in the woods.

Both victims were dead, said Macroy. They had wounds corresponding to the wounds from a shotgun.

Facebook has organized a fundraiser to help cover the funeral expenses, Kim and Lauren. By Friday morning has collected more than $ 3,600.