In South Dakota dog bit a 6-week-old boy, the child died

6-week-old boy in South Dakota died after he was attacked by the family dog family. This writes the NY Daily News.

В Южной Дакоте собака покусала 6-недельного мальчика: ребенок скончался

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According to the Associated Press, the attack occurred in the house in Hartford, about 15 miles (24 km) Northwest of Sioux falls, a Belgian Malinois has bitten the baby.

Employees of emergency services arrived at the house around 17:40 after the bell that the boy received “a few bites”, reads the statement of the Sheriff of Minnehaha County.

“Then the child was taken to hospital where he later died from his injuries, told the Zachary Cigelske from the County Sheriff’s Department Minnehaha. — This is a very sad situation. This is a very tragic loss for family and friends.”

Animal shelter Sioux falls took the dog to his custody. The experts at animal control said that is not easy to predict when an animal might attack, but the probability of this increases during the holidays, when there are a lot of strangers and a lot of noise.

“Any animal can bite,’ said a leading expert on animal control in Sioux falls Milo electronic discovery. — Most dogs and cats bite out of fear. They are just afraid of his surroundings, afraid of what was going on. Nobody knows when an animal may bite, you should always be careful.”




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