In South Texas has died detained by the border guards a US citizen

Wednesday, February 5, in South Texas under the custody of border patrol agents died 32-the summer citizen of the United States, according to Huffpost.

В Южном Техасе умер задержанный пограничниками гражданин США

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His name was James Paul Markowitz, he was arrested on 4 February after he was found a suspect on charges of smuggling involving illegal migrants, the statement said Customs and border patrol of the United States.

The border patrol agents arrested Markowitz at the station in Brackettville, Texas, on Tuesday, 4 February at 15:30. Markowitz started to show signs of poor health in bremazocine, after which he was given first aid. After which he was sent to a local hospital. 21:37 he was dead.

In a statement to BuzzFeed, which first reported the death of Markowitz, it was said that he showed signs of feeling bad about 18.00. The ambulance arrived at the scene at 18:40

In a statement provided to HuffPost, there was no additional information about the health or death of Markowitz.

In the press release of the border guards also said that Markowitz was arrested after stopping his Dodge Charger on U. S. Highway 277. In the press release had no details about why the border patrol agents stopped a Dodge Charger.

In a press release said that border guards have arrested 25-year-old U.S. citizen, who was driving the jeep and five passengers in the cabin. He did not obey the demands of the patrol, after which his car was stopped by a managed device for deflation of the tire near the town of Del Rio is located near the border with Mexico in the United States.

Border patrol arrested all six passengers of a car after they got out of the car and tried to run away.

The press release doesn’t say whether these incidents are linked, although the main agent patrol sector Del Rio, Raul L. Ortiz said that both detainees were involved in “smuggling”.

“The quick reaction of our agents and law enforcement agencies, helped to settle the situation,” the statement said Ortiz. “The smugglers are a risk to the lives of those who live in our communities. Thanks to the cooperation between our agents and law enforcement agencies, the pursuit ended safely, without damage, both to the public and to law enforcement agencies.”





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