In SP-2 to deny the prohibition of Denmark for the construction of

В СП-2 отрицают запрет Дании на строительство


The construction of Nord stream-2 could resume next week

Limitations due to cod spawning act on the territory where the construction of the pipeline has been completed, the company says.

The company-operator Nord Stream AG 2 denies the existence of any restrictions on the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2, wrote on Monday, July 27,Tasso by reference to the company.

Earlier media reported that Denmark has banned the gasket trubis for cod spawning.

“The condition of the permission associated with seasonal restrictions (July-August) due to cod spawning, relates to construction work in the restricted area of fishing, known as the Bornholm basin. Both lines of the pipeline have already been laid in the fisheries restricted area of the Bornholm basin. Seasonal restrictions on further construction in Denmark no,” said the company.

It is noted that the Danish energy Agency also confirmed the information to the media.

“The authorization relating to the spawning of cod, provided the following: “In connection with the planning of the construction works of Nord Stream AG 2 will seek to avoid laying pipes in the area restrictions in fishing in this period — from July to August, when spawning of cod is known as the Bornholm basin. Within the above period, no intervention works are not allowed. This condition applies only to the area restrictions of the fisheries, which is known as the Bornholm basin. 2 Nord Stream AG has completed the laying of pipes in this zone in December 2019, and this condition does not apply to the rest of the route”, — said the head of the press service of DEA Round Falbe-Hansen.

The construction could not be resumed until at least 3 August — that’s when the deadline to appeal the decision of DEA, colorimetrically to finish SP-2 new courts.

We will note, Russian truboukladchiki Chersky came from Nahodki the German port of Mukran on the island of rügen in may and still have not started laying the gas pipeline.