In stores Australia again find the needle in the berries and fruits, the police are investigating (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

В магазинах Австралии вновь находят иголки в ягодах и фруктах, полиция ведет расследование (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

The Australian again began to find needles in fruits and berries sold in grocery stores network. One of such cases, said a resident of Melbourne Chloe Show in your Facebook.

Chloe bought grapes at a local supermarket Aldi. The berries she found a small needle. The woman immediately called the police and the administration.

As similar cases were reported in Australia in late August and early September, when the needles were found in strawberries, the police launched an immediate investigation. “Remember that any person convicted of adulteration of food, can be charged with a criminal offence with penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment,” reads the police statement. In the administration of the supermarkets, added that cooperating with the authorities, reports the TV company RTVi.

As writes portal 9News, this is the third such case in Melbourne over the past three months. One of them ended in hospitalization of the victim swallowing the needle into the strawberries.

In September 2018 in stores Australian States of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales have also found the strawberries with needles. Local media have estimated that in Australia needle in strawberries from 68 manufacturers complained 230 times. Then a sewing needle was discovered in fresh pears that are bought in stores Melbourne

In November, police arrested 50-year-old former employee of the company supplying strawberries to supermarkets Mi Ut Trinh, who was charged with seven episodes of intentional damage to products. November 12 Brisbane court refused her bail, arguing unclear whether dictated her actions revenge or fight against something.

According to the Ministry of agriculture of Australia, as a result of the crisis, the industry suffered losses of $ 160 million Australian dollars (us$115.8 million).