In suffering from the floods of Venice, the water level rose again for a few tens of centimetres (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

В страдающей от наводнения Венеции уровень воды вновь поднялся на несколько десятков сантиметров (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

In Venice, which was severely damaged by the flood, deteriorated situation. The day before, when the water level does not exceed 113 cm, was issued a warning stating that due to the Sirocco wind from the coast it can grow to 145 cm, But the water rose even higher – to a mark of 154 cm, then it began to decline, on the page in Twitter reported by the authorities of the commune.

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro urged residents and visitors to the city without having to go outside. Already suspended the movement of water-buses-the vaporetti, which are the main means of transportation in Venice. Due to flooding closed museums, including the Doge’s Palace located on Saint Mark’s square, which have left under water, reports TASS.

In Venice in a critical situation in connection with a record over the last half century the level of “high water”, which on 13 November has reached almost 190 cm This resulted in the flooding of 80% of the city including the Central square of St. Mark, where the water level exceeded one meter. Water penetrated into the crypt of the Basilica of the IX century.

After the flood, more than 35% of the tourists refused to travel to Venice, while the number of travelers who cancel a reservation in hotels continues to grow, said Thursday the Association of Venetian hotels.

According to estimates of the city authorities, the damage from the disaster could reach €1 billion, the Italian Government declared a state of emergency and has allocated €20 million for the initial elimination of consequences of disasters.

The town also flooded building of the regional Council. This occurred on 12 November, immediately after its members rejected the amendments aimed at combating climate change, reports channel “Rain” referring to Council member Andrea Zanoni. The courtroom was under water “in two minutes” after the rejection of the bill. This was confirmed by press-Secretary of the Board Alessandro Ovisac.

The floods affected two people on the island Pellestrina. According to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Milan, the Russian citizens among victims are not available.

In the next two days considerable rise of the water level of Venice is not expected. According to forecasts, it will not exceed 120-130 cm