In Syria protected from the Kurdish camp of Islamic state terrorists* missing more than 100 residents of the 50 women and their children (PHOTOS)

Disappeared in Syria about 50 women with children who left the Kurdish camp of ain Issa, known as the prison for the families of terrorists “Islamic state”*.

As told the mother of one of the participants in the IG*, her daughter Maida and children a year and a half spent in the camp of ain Issa, the Syrian Kurds protected. 13 October it became known that the camp left about 100 people in connection with the beginning of the Turkish military operation in Northern Syria. The Kurds declared that women need to go with them.

Some of the women agreed to leave the camp, others remained to wait the arrival of the Turkish troops. “The Kurds just walked away, throwing open all the gates of the camp. And after a while a few people came back and they said if you don’t leave in five minutes, we’ll torch your tent. And they really set fire to the camp,” the woman said to the BBC Russian service

To Syria from Chechnya sent 300 military

According to the BBC, Maida had to remove the mobile phone footage in which the smoke is visible over the tents of the camp, and heard the voice of a woman who said that the fire was started by the Kurds.

After the arson of the camp women were divided into several groups and went into the wilderness. In the group with’ida was still 14 women and 27 children. They decided to move North, towards the border with Turkey. All this time the women were in touch with their relatives.

After some time, women with children were met by armed men from a Pro-Turkish groups. “Girls called us and they were happy. Said that for the first time in two years, took a shower, saw electricity and hot water,” – said the mother of another woman Aliya, who left the camp.

According to Aliya, the last time she was out with her daughter on October 17, when the women came “some military”. Daughter alia said that they are passing the tell El-Abyad (a town on the border of Syria and Turkey), then they were lost.

Earlier, the interior Ministry of Turkey announced that they had detained 236 people who escaped from camps for the families of militants*. According to authorities, foreign citizens, including Russians, were placed in camps in the Northern Syrian province of Aleppo. The fate of the detained foreigners planning to decide after negotiations with the representatives of their countries.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization