In Syria ‘wineroute’ tortured to death a deserter, removing the violence on VIDEO. ‘Novaya Gazeta’ found one of them (PHOTO)

“Novaya Gazeta” published a shocking video of the brutal murder and subsequent desecration of the corpse. According to preliminary data, the record made by Wagner PMC mercenaries in Syria. A victim of Russian thugs was the Arab who escaped from the army of Bashar al-Assad.

The footage shows how the song with the words “remove from his shoulders the heavy machine gun, shoot the son, then shot in the mother” several Russian-speaking fighters are beaten with a sledgehammer lying on the ground a man in civilian clothes with Arab appearance. Sadists trying to prolong his agony and beat at the limbs. Presumably, lying next to a severed human head.

A two-minute video with these shots appeared on the Internet on the evening of 30 June 2017. Commentators have suggested that the video may be stationed in Syria fighters of “the Wagner group”. In November 2019, the Network appeared the continuation of the story – the next three part of the video.

In the second video, the man’s body, which was beaten with a sledgehammer, lying on the ground. Unconscious or already dead. One of the soldiers under the comments of colleagues cuts him with a knife head. It turns out badly. Surrounding cheer him and help with advice: “Cut, come on (netsens.) stronger! Right the vertebrae break! Let’s shovel!”

Then the victim’s hands chopped off sapper shovel. “Feet should be left, legs hang,” – added to the torturers.

In the fourth part of the video, the headless body with severed arms and the inscription “For VDV” belly hanging upside down, doused with gasoline and burned. Participants continue to have fun with a special cynicism, referring to skewers and barbecued ribs.


The Arab press was able to establish the identity of the deceased, time and place of violence. Writes the Free Press, killed Mohammed Taha Ismail al-Abdullah, also known as Hammadi Taha al-booth. He was born in 1986 in Deir ez-Zor. According to the newspaper, Hammadi had left Syria during the war, he worked in Lebanon in a brick factory, but in July of 2017 is back and he was mobilised into the reserve army of Bashar al-Assad. Then the man deserted but was caught, and then brutally killed on the field Shair in the Syrian province of HOMS.

All the participants in the massacre had their faces covered. But one of them, holding a camera and probably filmed the video in the first frame has not yet managed to wrap a head scarf-arafatki. And by the end of shooting he does “relax”. “Yes, well, anyway this video is not going anywhere,” said one of the mercenaries. Then the man with the camera lowered arafatki.

Employees “the New newspaper” has uploaded a picture of the person alleged partner violence through service FindClone, which allows you to find photo of a person in a social network “Vkontakte”. The first links program is issued a picture of one and the same man on the pages of several users.

Despite the fact that the pictures were not signed, and some pages have been removed, journalists managed to find out the expected name, surname and date of birth. And this man, Stanislav D., was known among mercenaries, whose membership in the “group of Wagner’s” documented. The name of “vagnerova” journalists do not reveal for security purposes, members of his family.

It is known that in the “group of Wagner” Stanislav D. served in intelligence. At the disposal of the newspaper there is a copy of his passport, a completed application form own security service “groups Wagner,” the receipt of non-disclosure and autobiography.

When you receive the service in the PMCs. D. indicated that it served as a private in the platoon of the patrol service of police in the Stavropol region. A questionnaire has been completed in February 2016. But, as indicated, by this time he already worked in the “group of Wagner” as an arrow scout.

Other video participants will be able to set an official investigation in Russia, I believe in “Novaya Gazeta”. Heroes videos addressed to each other, calling the call sign “Pamir” and “the Wolf.” In addition, at the time of the publication in the Internet appeared the pictures of the massacre in which next to the dangling and mutilated corpse pose already four mercenaries with open faces.