In Taiwan the pandas were fed moon cakes

В Тайване панд накормили лунными пряниками

Taipei zoo has prepared moon cakes on the occasion of mid-autumn Festival.

In Taiwan in Taipei’s zoo for giant pandas made cakes on the occasion of mid-autumn festival, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Holiday treats for the pandas by the nicknames Tuantuan and Yangtzi included moon cake, a traditional delicacy for the mid-autumn Festival, fruit and vegetables on the skewers and bamboo leaves”, — stated in the message.

“The people of Taipei are often barbecues in the parks during this festival, so we cooked fruits and vegetables on the skewers, like the barbecue, to create a festive atmosphere,” — said the caretaker of pandas zoo, Zhao LANGSUAN.

Holiday activities at the zoo attracted thousands of visitors, many of them wanted to get a glimpse of the pandas. They cheered and recorded them on video.