In Tatarstan discovered the cat-a drug courier to deliver hashish to prisoners

В Татарстане обнаружена кошка-наркокурьер, доставлявшая гашиш заключенным

Employees of one of the penal colonies of Tatarstan caught the cat, the collar of which was stuffed with hashish. Seized substance and cat handed over to police for further examination.

This is a curious incident reported on Thursday, October 24, the news Agency RIA Novosti, citing the regional UFSIN.

“In the evening of 23 October on the territory adjacent to the correctional colony N10, staff found and caught the cat in the collar, which attempted to penetrate into the colony. From the collar of a cat seized the brown substance of vegetable origin, presumably hashish,” – said in the message.

According to the above mentioned Agency, in 2010 in the same correctional institution was recorded a similar case: employees of the IK-10 caught the cat, the collar of which was heroin. The animal went to his master, serving his sentence in the colony.

It later emerged that the convicted person for a long time domesticated local cat and sent it up with the freed inmate. The accomplices of the convicted person for several days did not feed the animal, and then released wearing a collar with the drug substance. Hungry cat went to his master and was detained by the staff of the institution.