In Texas, a 30-year-old man died after attending ‘coronavirus party’: he thought that the virus does not exist

30-year-old man from Texas died after visiting the “coronavirus parties.” He went there believing that the virus is a hoax. About it writes The Guardian.

В Техасе 30-летний мужчина умер, после посещения 'коронавирусной вечеринки': он думал, что вируса не существует

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“Shortly before the patient died, he looked at the nurse and said, “I think I made a mistake, I thought that the coronavirus is a cheat, but it is not so,” said Dr. Jane Appleby, chief physician of the Methodist hospital in San Antonio (TX).

Appleby said: “I don’t want to create panic, and we’re just trying to share some real-world examples to help our community to understand that this virus is very serious and can easily spread.”

“Coronavirus party” is a meeting held with someone who has mers to find out whether the virus is real, and to find out catch anyone. Who was the first infected, he will receive all the money collected for entrance to the party.

Appleby, what to disclose details of the case it has prompted the growth of zarahemla. She said that 22% of testing, there were cases of coronavirus, compared with 5% a few weeks ago.

According to her, infected with a broader age range: some patients aged 20-30 years, is seriously ill.

“Please, wear masks, stay home when you can, avoid groups of crowds and wash your hands,” said Appleby.

The authorities of Houston urged the city to re-enter the quarantine, because the hospital again, uploaded due to new cases of coronavirus.

The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner and Harris County judge, Lina Hidalgo said that in order for the fourth largest city in the United States could cope with such a splash, you need to re-enter isolation mode.

Last week Texas continued to break records on confirmed cases and deaths related to the coronavirus. Sunday, July 12, representatives of the health authorities of the state announced about 8 196 new cases, 80 deaths and a total of 10 410 people were hospitalized because of the virus.

The decision about the exclusion, however, remains for the Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, who resisted this step, saying that this should be a last resort.





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