In Texas a police officer shot the girl through her bedroom window after a call of a neighbor, who only wanted to check if she was okay (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

В Техасе полицейский застрелил девушку через окно ее спальни после звонка соседа, который хотел лишь проверить, все ли у нее хорошо (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Residents of the city of Fort worth in the U.S. state of Texas came to protest after white police officer shot the black girl in her own home on the eyes of her eight-year-old nephew. The tragedy occurred on the night of October 12, the deceased Tatiana Jefferson was 28 years old.

The police called the neighbor girl, who was alarmed that the door of her house open for several hours. Arriving police parked near the house of Jefferson, but not in front of him, and passed him on the perimeter. One of the officers noticed standing at the window of the room and “seeing it as a threat” shot, according to a press release, police Fort worth.

The office also published a record of the video recorder attached to the form of the shooting officer. The employee didn’t knock, no warning, that is a COP, but only loudly demanded to raise their hands up and even finished the phrase, shot out the window. After that, he went into the house and called an ambulance, but Tatiana Jefferson died on the spot.

The policeman, whose name was not disclosed, has been suspended from work pending investigation. Police in Fort worth have promised to figure out what caused suspicions of this officer and why he did not introduce himself. The Ministry also said that in the house, Jefferson was found with a gun, and showed him a very blurry photo, but did not specify whether it was the girl in the hands of the moment was shot. In social networks note that a license for the weapon has the most residents of Texas.

Attorney Lee Merritt, representing the interests of families Jefferson, said that Tatiana and her nephew that night playing video games and heard all the noise was about. The girl went to the window to check. At this time police on the other side of the glass began shouting their demands, and before Tatiana could react, shot her, reports ABC News.

According to police caused the neighbor, his call was not an emergency: he was not told either about the burglary or about the fight or about domestic violence in the house of Jefferson, and just wanted to make sure she and her little nephew all right. He explained that the door had been open from 10 PM, and no movement since then has not been observed, which caused his anxiety. “I have not said anything that would require the use of weapons. All they [the police] had to call the door,” the man told Fox 4. He also noted that the siren and flashing police lights are not included.

The legal defense Fund and education (NAACP LDF), the leading American organization fighting for racial justice, demanded a full and independent investigation into the incident and prosecute the police officers involved in the killing of Jefferson. The Fund also recalled the commitment of the justice Department to investigate examples of unconstitutional police action.

“If you call the police to be unsafe and insecure at home, then where can we find peace? We demand answers. We demand justice,” said the organization.

October 13, residents of Fort worth came to a house in Jefferson with candles, chanting: “No justice, no peace”, reports the BBC. Many of the protesters called on police to fire the shooter and bring him to justice. The mayor of Fort worth Betsy Price participated in the campaign, but left after protesters surrounded her, demanding to put the culprit of the death of the girl.

The tragedy in Fort worth occurred 10 days after sentencing former policewoman amber Geiger, who shot and killed an unarmed neighbor in his apartment, mistaking in the dark of his house with his and taking him for a robber. This incident happened in Dallas, which is also located in the state of Texas. Geiger received 10 years in prison, although initially she was threatened with 99 years of imprisonment.

When prosecutors accused Geiger under article “manslaughter”, which implies a lighter penalty, the Dallas protests. Residents wanted to answer the question, can they be safe in their own homes. Ex-police admitted his guilt and repented of his fatal mistake. The brother of the victim said in court that forgives Geiger, and hugged her. After the process did the same thing and the judge.