In Texas, in cafe the massacre occurred: one person was killed and three wounded

The emergency service of the city of Austin (TX) reported that one person was killed and three others wounded by a knife in a cafe in the city center. This writes ABC News.

В Техасе в кафе произошла резня: один человек убит, трое ранены

Photo: Depositphotos

A man aged 20 years was declared dead, and a 50-year-old man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, the other two wounded are in the hospital.

Austin police said that the suspect is in custody, and that “no other known suspects have been identified,” but they didn’t say whether the suspect was among the injured, or what led to the conflict.

Stacy Romin said she was a witness to the attack, when he was about to drink his morning coffee, and then saw the assailant jumped from the roof of a nearby building.

“Nothing provoked it,’ said 33-year-old Romin. This guy something wrong.”

Romin said the man “obviously was under the influence of something” when he attacked a man in a cafe.

According to Romin, a group of people tried to stop the attacker, and he fought with them before eventually broke free and ran out of the building. She said she did not see him with a knife.

After he ran out, Romin said the assailant jumped from the roof of a nearby building. He didn’t move after hitting the ground. Police reported that the suspect was taken to the hospital alive.