In Texas sentenced the mother, whose son has undergone 13 operations and 323 a visit to the doctor

A resident of Dallas, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for abuse of son. Now Christopher Bowen is a happy ten-year-old guy who lives life to the full, loves to sing in the choir and play football. But it was not always so: his mother forced him to transfer 13 operations and 323 visits to the doctor, the child was completely healthy.

В Техасе вынесли приговор матери, чей здоровый сын перенес 13 операций и 323 визита к врачу

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Cailin Bowen-Wright, for years, faked the illness of their child, forcing him to pass through operations in which it is not needed, tells NBCDFW. The woman pleaded guilty, she faces up to 20 years behind bars. State prosecutors pushed for the maximum sentence, but the judge chose a term of six years imprisonment.

According to the boy’s father, Ryan Crawford, “every disease has led to the fact that he was dying every time we went to court”.

The first 8 years of his life the child had spent in hospitals and outside of them. His mother, apparently suffers from delegated Munchausen syndrome (this is a psychological disorder characterized by hyperuricaemia behavior on the part of those caring for the sick). The woman pleaded guilty that caused the child serious injury from birth.

The boy’s father said that everything that happens in the years deprived him of the opportunity to be with my son.

“There was too much manipulation, too many lies, I didn’t know what to do,” he admitted.

Crawford spent years fighting to get custody. All this time Christopher was subjected to unnecessary operations and force-fed through a tube until his mother had taken him from doctor to doctor.

“Often, we take the next steps in care, based on what happened earlier,” says Dr. Suzanne Dakil from the Children’s medical center in Dallas.

В Техасе вынесли приговор матери, чей здоровый сын перенес 13 операций и 323 визита к врачу

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Wright claimed that her son was everything from muscular dystrophy to heart problems, seizures and cancer “throughout the body”.

Dr. Dakil, a pediatrician, dealing with cruel treatment with children, says that the treatment led to complications. The boy was subjected to unnecessary radiation exposure and six times suffered from sepsis due to intravenous infection he also had blood clots.

Crawford said judges in family court never took him seriously.

“I talked about the fact that all this is true, but I never believed,” said the father.

The doctors in children’s hospitals in Dallas and Houston trust the mother, until it became clear that the picture of the disease does not develop.

“To say that you’re lying to seem rude: what if you’re wrong?”, says DAKHIL.

The turning point came in November of 2017, when the 34-year-old Bowen-Wright brought her son to the hospital in Dallas, saying that he had a seizure attack.

Health workers reported that they were “appalled”, and have found no signs of a seizure, according to officials. The doctors began to suspect that his symptoms may be intentionally false, was kind enough to alert Child Protective Services.

“I am very concerned that the mother has switched from exaggeration of symptoms induction of symptoms,” wrote Suzanne Dakil the petition CPS.

В Техасе вынесли приговор матери, чей здоровый сын перенес 13 операций и 323 визита к врачу

Kaylin Bowen-Wright . Photo: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

The consequence considers that medical violence began when Christopher was 11 days old in 2009. Medical records show that Christopher visited the doctor 323 times in Dallas and Houston in the period from 2009 to 2016, according to a statement from CPS.

In his short life, Christopher was fully transferred to the breath with an oxygen cylinder and from time to time used a wheelchair. He had digestive tube, placed directly into the small intestine, which led to three a life threatening infection of the blood.

Bowen-Wright even tried to make it to the list for a lung transplant, said the publication.

According to the Sheriff of Dallas County, in December 2017 she was arrested and accused of injury to child with serious bodily injuries.

According to the father, and later officials, after the mother was arrested, Christopher began to eat regularly, he didn’t have any attacks, the boy breathes his lungs and he had no suspicion of cancer.