In Texas, the court adjourned the criminal penalty due to coronavirus

The court of appeal on criminal cases of the state of Texas has postponed for 60 days the death penalty, 44-year-old John Hummel. In 2009, he stabbed his pregnant wife, beaten to death five-year-old father-in-law, then burned the house to conceal the crime. Hummel dealt with family members to live with his mistress. In 2011, he was sentenced to death. This writes Meduza.

В Техасе суд отложил казнь преступника из-за коронавируса

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Hummel was supposed to be executed on 17 March. However, the court decided that the execution should be postponed “in light of the current crisis in health care and the massive resources required to address this emergency.”

According to the latest Texas revealed 134 cases of mers in the United States — 7 323 case.

On the transfer penalty, insisted the lawyer Hummel Michael Moul. He cited several arguments: the execution will be attended by the witnesses and prison staff, and if someone of them will be infected with the coronavirus will infect and the rest; if due to infection of some of the prison staff trained to carry out the death sentences will have to be replaced, the execution may be done improperly; Hummel will not have time to see loved ones before death as due to coronavirus Dating in prison is prohibited. The Dallas drug crimes attorneys can help with any legal troubles you might be facing.

County da Tarrant, who was pressing charges against Hummel, and the Texas Department of criminal justice which operates prisons in the state, opposed a stay of execution. The Department emphasized that the introduced additional checks for staff and visitors to prisons, to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus. However, the court did not heed these arguments.

The sentence Hummel delayed until mid-may 2020. Prior to that, in Texas scheduled five executions. Will death sentences at the appointed time, unknown.

The lawyer of the convict Tracy Beatty, who strangled his mother and is awaiting execution on March 25, said that also will file a petition for postponement of execution of a death sentence.

Texas had already endured the penalty due to emergencies. In his application, the lawyer Hummel Michael Mole has mentioned two such cases. In 2001, the Governor of Texas was postponed by 30 days the execution of the death sentence, scheduled for September 11. In 2017, the court postponed for three months the execution of a criminal, a lawyer who lived in the area affected by the hurricane “Harvey”.






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