In Texas the Sheriff of the town the identity of hundreds of victims of illegal immigrants

For many illegal immigrants who managed to cross the Mexican border with the United States, the most deadly and dangerous part of their journey still ahead, says Fox News.

В Техасе шериф городка устанавливает личности сотни погибших нелегальных иммигрантов

Photo: screenshot video Fox News

In Southeast Texas there is only one road leading to the interior U.S. highway 281, which stretches more than 1,800 miles (2 896 km ) from Mexico to Canada.

However, just 80 miles (128 km) from the U.S.-Mexico border is a checkpoint for the border patrol in Falfurrias, Texas. This is the last line of border protection, which try to avoid risking their lives.

“So many people have died trying to circumvent the checkpoint, which they called the” corridor of death “” the veteran told Fox News correspondent Lara Logan.

“They are susceptible to heat and unforgiving terrain. Most of them are never found. Their bones and bodies scattered for the district of Brooks, where by a Sheriff benny Martinez”, she continued.

Martinez for 63 years and he lived all his life in Falfurrias, which has a population of 7,300 people.

“It’s a nice small town, where everyone is doing everything possible,” he said to Logan as they passed through a small community.

Martinez showed private homes, where they often find illegal immigrants, drugs and other prohibited substances.

Falfurrias is 70 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, which puts him directly in the path of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States.

“Why is it people so often find the bodies of illegal immigrants?”, — asked Logan.

“They are not ready to travel,” replied Martinez.

“They are kept in the recesses of the house is not known how many days when there is not enough water, not enough food. In the summer the heat index rises to 110, 115 degrees Fahrenheit (43-46 degrees Celsius). Even if it’s midnight … it will be hot. So they’re just not ready, ” he added.

It is estimated that some 3,400 illegal immigrants died trying to cross his district since 2009.

Here, no medical examiner or a morgue, no policeman on duty. When they find the body, call just one person – the Sheriff Bennie.

Martinez and one of the officers put the logs one on top of another, on his Desk. Each of them contained information detailing the recovery of human remains of suspected illegal immigrants in his jurisdiction.

Overall, he has registered 673 of death in 2009, but estimated that another five bodies not found.

В Техасе шериф городка устанавливает личности сотни погибших нелегальных иммигрантов

Mark, where they found the body. Photo: screenshot video Fox News

“This means that most of the bodies you will find. So is this like a cemetery?”, — asked Logan.

“Well, you can call it that. You can use this term, because they will not find it”, he admitted.