In the Brazilian League goalkeeper has made the save, beating the ball to the net from the outside of the gate (video)

В чемпионате Бразилии голкипер совершил сэйв, отбив мяч сеткой с внешней стороны ворот (видео)

In the match of the Brazilian Serie B between the teams of “Ponte Preta” and “Figueirense” (1:3) there was a funny episode.

In the opening stages of the second half, the host player struck a powerful shot from distance on goal.

The ball hit the crossbar and was ready to cross the goal line, but the wonders of entrepreneurship demonstrated goalkeeper who kept his head and pushed the ball from behind the goal with the outside of the grid.

From the replays shows that the ball still crossed the goal line. But the referee made a mistake and disallowed the goal “Ponte Preta”.

And all the protests of the owners were in vain. And the captain of the team even received a yellow card for debate with the referee.