In the Brazilian League of Futsal player sent the opponent in a deep knockout kung-fu kick (video)

В чемпионате Бразилии по футзалу игрок отправил соперника в глубокий нокаут ударом кунг-фу (видео)

In Futsal match of the championship of Brazil between “Korintiansom” and “Intelli de San Carlos” (2:4) there was a very hard episode.

The player of Corinthians, Daniel Battaglia was first on the ball and managed to knock out the opponent, but by inertia or deliberately, with great force kicked the leg right into the opponent’s face.

Player, native for fun “miner” name – Fernandinho passed out instantly. He’s the head hit the floor.

Batalha was awarded a red card and his opponent still has long remained in an unconscious state.