In the British village “good Samaritan” for 5 years throws wads of money

В британской деревне «добрый самаритянин» уже 5 лет разбрасывает пачки денег

Unknown leaves thousands of pounds in prominent places throughout the village

In one of the villages North of England unknown Samaritan for five years, throws wads of money with thousands of pounds. About it reports “Interfax”.

Residents of the former mining village of Blackhall of Colliery, on the North sea coast, constantly finding on the streets of the bundle of banknotes under 20 pounds ($25), a total of 2 thousand pounds (2.6 million dollars). The latest find was made this week, she became the fourth this year, and since 2014 has been discovered 13 bundles of money.

According to police, the money scattered usually throw on view throughout the village. Under British law, the owner of the money has two weeks to report the loss, if this has not happened, then the sum can pick up people who found her. In all cases the money was taken away, the villagers who are fortunate enough to find the money.

“The circumstances remain a mystery, so we would welcome any information that will help us to understand what is happening,” said detective constable John Forster.

Forster also added that money even fingerprinted, checked with local banks and has conducted numerous interviews of witnesses, but the case still remains unsolved.

“This could be the work of a good Samaritan. We would like to thank residents who showed great human qualities, bringing money to the police,” said the detective.

In addition, the police officer said that the village is not too rich, so the found money has always been a huge help for local residents.

“I don’t think it is crime, drug trafficking or money laundering. Drug dealers usually don’t waste money,” concluded the detective.